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Individual Practice


Disposable Culture

This project focuses on how people have taken their time out of their everyday lives to clean up the environment. Two thirds of rubbish comes straight from land based sources and in to the sea. This happens by rubbish being washed down rivers and drains, from litter being dropped in towns and cities that then get blown in to the sea by weather conditions, or bins overflowing near the coast. I have chosen to photograph these individuals while they are on a litter pick around a place that they are passionate about and have a personal connection to. This has allowed me to photograph in a variety of places such as the coast, beside the road and the countryside which emphasises how big the issue of littering is at the moment. The individuals were all photographed around my local area, in Suffolk, which is where rubbish walk groups are forming due to the increasing interest in meeting new people and picking up litter to make the area we live in a lot cleaner. 

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